Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Is something slowing down your learning?

In my other post I said that people have no excuse not to be learning Japanese. While I don't resend this comment         
( though it was made at 3 or 4 am ), I want to acknowledge that because we often have so many resources it can become overwhelming.

Books, Apps, video's, courses. ...ect...blogs..

What you need to do break down the resources into what us essential for your learning

1. Dictionary  ( For beginners i suggest a phone application such as Jsho because it translates both ways, for advanced students keep in tune for my advanced study guide list.

2. A book or application that focuses only on kanji. I'll be putting up a list for this.

3. A grammar text book or guide I'll be dropping you essential and advanced grammar over the next few weeks.

4. Something to see the application if the language : choose one japanese television series, anime without subtitles (raw), manga without translation, a text book for speaking,  YouTube channel for japanese, listening apps/ audio work your way through ine then move onto another.

Keep updated for a detailed list on my recommended resources.

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